Our code of ethics

Our staff endeavours to:

  • Welcome guests in a friendly manner
  • Promote a warm and welcome environment at our establishment
  • Remember that a relationship of support and accompaniment is of the utmost importance in the delivery of care and services
  • Offer a healthy, safe environment that is adapted to your specific needs
  • Consider all of the person’s needs and the concerns of relatives

Fairness and Respect

Our staff endeavours to:
  • Maintain clear and sincere communication with our guests
  • Demonstrate flexibility and reserve in relations with guests
  • Respect the moral, cultural and religious beliefs and values of guests and their environment

Sincere Relationships

Our staff endeavours to:
  • Involve guests and their families in the various steps of their care and services
  • Ensure confidentiality and discretion with regard to all aspects of the guest’s private life
  • Foster a friendly and open attitude in daily interaction in order to promote free expression of feelings and feedback
  • Direct the person to the appropriate resources

Guest Autonomy

Our staff endeavours to:

  • Offer care and services that meet the specific needs of guests
  • Respect the person’s choice to accept or decline a procedure, and support their decision
  • Make the most of the person’s abilities and help them to develop means that promote autonomy


Code of Ethics
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